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Relaxation Center

Our Relaxation Center is located on the site of Ferme 5 Étoiles (near Tadoussac), amidst the wolves and deers. Discover our center where Québec's wildlife is of utter importance. This innovative concept permits relaxation, spa, sauna and massage therapy (a massage room for 2 is available).

Try out our health care which will be a memorable experience, where health and well-being are combined to nourish the body and mind.

List of care packages offered at our relaxation center :

Heat treatment
Spa, sauna, cold shower and relaxation : $15$/pers. (minimum fees $25)

Massage Therapy
Relaxation massage - duration 1hour,     $65
Therapeutic massage - duration 1hour,   $70

Body care :
Wrap or exfoliation - duration 30 minutes - $45

Health care packages:

«Thermal Relaxation » :
Heat treatment(SPA, Sauna, cold shower) (60 minutes)
A healthy snack, relaxation and 2 types of care of your choice (to be confirmed on arrival) :
An Exfoliation (30 minutes)
OR a 30-minute wrap
OR a 30-minute massage 

Total duration -  3 hours
Rate: $105

« Maple leaves » :
A maple sugar & camomille flower exfoliation (30 minutes)
A maple wrap (30 minutes)
A maple moisturizing massage (30 minutes)    Durée : 2H
Rate : $120

 « Health break » :
Heat treatment(SPA, Sauna, cold shower)-60 minutes
massage - 60 minutes
One health care of your choice (to be confirmed on arrival) :
Exfoliation (30 minutes)
OR a 30 minute- wrap    

Total duration : 3 hours
Rate : $120

«Gourmand» relaxation :
Heat treatment (SPA, Sauna, cold shower)- duration 60 minutes
A massage (60 minutes)

Total duration: 2.5 hrs
Rate : $95

All packages include: bathrobe. locker, towels and bottled water*

Family package deal

Beyond relaxation ... time with your children!

Ahhh! A spa! A massage! A wrapSweet delights! Doesn't this make you dream??   Our relaxation center invites children and pampers them as much as you do! Children savor the benefits of most of our health care and massages, but even more, they take advantage of this precious time with you! Actually, during your family vacation, going to the spa, and taking advantage of the care offered is an even better way to spend quality time with your child/children than the regular turbulent daily chores. It is learning to offer oneself a time-out period and giving in to relaxation and inner peace.

An afternoon of being pampered at the Relaxation Center at Ferme 5 Étoiles will do you the world of good ... as much for others and for yourself!

« Mother-daughter» :
Heat treatment - 60 minutes
A massage or another care of your choice - 30 minutes
Special : $90/2 persons

*daughter - 4 -14 yrs

Child care (4 - 14 yrs) : 30 minutes

Massage (apple floral or Strawberry cupcake)

Wraps (marchmallow floral, whipped cream)

*Child health care is given in your presence.